An Unforgettable Wedding


Every girl dreams of that perfect wedding and honeymoon. It does not matter if she wants a big or small wedding, she just wants it to be exciting and the best it can be. It is Odyssey Travel’s job to help that dream become a reality.

The honeymoon is for the bride and groom. This is their special time together. They will never again have that unique opportunity to spend time together as a new husband and wife. A destination wedding allows the bride to enjoy her guests and the planning of the wedding without having to stress over details.

The honeymoon allows the couple to relax and unwind after the ceremony.

They are pampered by the staff of the resort where they are staying. They can have breakfast in bed the day after the ceremony so they can start their new life in a relaxed way.

Odyssey Travel is dedicated to ensure that every bride has the destination wedding of her dreams and if she just wants the honeymoon from us, we do the very best to ensure that the trip is very special.